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WATCH VIDEO: SA Teacher & Student In Fist-Fight

A video of a teacher and student fighting in class has shaken the social media circle, with the majority surprisingly taking the student’s side saying the learner was defenseless at the same time not dismissing corporal punishment as necessary and not primitive.

In the video, the student is seen trying to hold the teacher’s hands to avoid further punchs before other students intervene to stop the fight.

The reason for the fight has not yet been disclosed.

However, as these types of student-teacher attacks are happening too often these days, the argument from the majority is that the system is now different from the one old folks used to know.

There is now too much freedom in schools which limits the value of corporal punishment.

Here are the comments from the people who have seen the video:

….”It’s interesting how people judge a video saying who is right or wrong whilst not having seen what happened prior. There are always 3 sides to a story: (1) what 1 said,(2) what the other said and (3) the truth.”

….”I see teacher physically assaulting a student and the student is defending himself, He did not throw any pinch nor slap…he was trying to hold teachers hands.”

….”If we being honest, that’s not a fight, the teacher was assaulting a leaner.”

…”I blame the teacher,learner is busy avoiding the fight but teacher u busy uya mushaya hai bandla n he is grown up boy once wa kwata ka khulu uyo mshaya,i dont know the reason but as the teacher she was supposed to calm down and walk away report the boy to the headmaster.”

….”People are obsessed with the idea of “learner” being always the perpetrator. They not even critical in their analysis. The ideology that “teachers/parents/people of position of power” are never wrong is sickening. They’re always victims no matter what.”

…”Poor parenting skills from the teacher side, she escalated the situation and provokingly pushed things to the edge. There is a better way to deal with a disrespectful student like asking them to eave class or involving the headmaster.”

…”If we being honest, that’s not a fight, the teacher was assaulting a leaner.”

…”In this case the teacher is wrong. Look at the enthusiasm to hurt boy child. He was defending himself.”

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