WATCH VIDEO: Nak€d Female Congregants Receive ‘Holy Bath’ From Ghanaian Pastor

A Ghanaian pastor identified as Pastor Blinks, popular for making controversial videos in his church, has put followers on standstill after a video of him bathing women in their birth suits to celebrate New Year Cross Over is making rounds on social media.

The video recording shows the Pastor requesting his female congregants to hurry so that they receive a ‘holy bath’.

The female members obeyed the rules and went to him in their towels, with some removing their under garments facing the pastor as he initiates the bath.

The same pastor once went viral for shaving his church members on private parts.

Better known as Pastor Blinks, Mensah Mark is a controversial Ghanaian content creator and entertainer according to reports.

Some say Pastor Blinks is rather a comedian not a pastor by profession and does not have an actual church.

Reports say he only makes content revolving around religion.
















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