WATCH: Sir Wicknell Chivhayo Buys New R5 Million Maybach [video]

Zimbabwean business tycoon Sir Wicknell Chivhayo buys a new R5 million car.

Sir Wicknell is one of the most prominent businessmen in Zimbabwe.

He is well known for spending on luxurious cars and mansions.

A few weeks ago, he made headlines when he spent R35 million on a fleet of cars.

As if that was not enough, Sir Wicknell went on to flaunt his R700 million jet, and fans went wild.

Indeed, nothing seemed enough to Sir Wicknell; this time, he bought a new R5 million car.

On his Instagram, Sir Wicknell shared the price tag and the pictures of his new car.


Social media fans quickly took the pictures and shared them, leaving fans excited as they spoke of his new car.

The successful businessman has made many headlines since his controversial businesses, including the ZESA tender.

Since then, Sir Wicknell has proved to be a successful businessman across many sectors.

His new car impressed many fans but also left some fans questioning his sources of income.

Usually, Sir Wicknell prefers white cars, but this time, he went with the black GLS 600.


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