WATCH: Rapper Holy 10 Now Owns A ’50K’ Worth Range Rover

As one of Zimbabwe’s award winning hip-hop singers, Holy Ten is known to live large, his latest car is no exception.

Recently, a video allegedly shared by his manager surfaced online of the ‘Ucharamba Uchipisa’ hitmaker’s brand new Range Rover Discovery which is grayish in colour in the highlight clip.

The self-proclaimed leader of the youths expressing joy over his latest purchase as he flexed the new wheels on a joyride in the company of the manager.

Besides, the luxurious car he recently possess, Holy Ten has been busy flexing other accomplishments.

His marriage to Kimberly Chigubhu once dominated the internet.

He also garnered attention after himself together with his contemporary Michael Magz endorsed the newly elected President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


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