WATCH: Nigerian Journalist Deported From Zimbabwe In Visa Row – Thanks Daddy Hopewell In ‘Wakanda’ Style

A Nigerian journalist, author and activist has told of his hell after he was detained for 13 hours at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport, before being ordered to board a flight back to his country.

David Hundeyin said authorities advised him that he needed a visa to enter Zimbabwe.

“I landed in Zimbabwe earlier today (Wednesday), and I have been detained at Harare Airport inside a smelly locked room for nearly 7 hours,” he wrote on Twitter during his ordeal.

“They said that despite using the travel document of a country with a visa-free relationship, my nationality is still Nigerian, and thus, I need a visa. I was processed for removal from their country and locked in a tiny room, but I have heard nothing from anyone for several hours.”

Hundeyin later posted a video as he movie-stylishly thanked those who came to his rescue including Zimbabwe’s award winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono.

Check video below:



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