WATCH: Good Samaritan Purchases South African-Based Baby Carrying Zimbabwean Vendor’s Goods For US$50 – Instructs Her To Go & Rest [video]

A video circulating on social media depicts a heartwarming encounter between a South African motorist and a Zimbabwean street vendor in Johannesburg.

The vendor, who carries her baby on her back while selling eggs and peanuts, received a generous gesture from the South African man.

He purchased all of her merchandise valued at R300 and handed her R800, urging her to go home and rest.

In the video, the vendor shares that she supports her children and parents back in Zimbabwe by selling boiled eggs and roasted peanuts. For more details, please watch the accompanying video.

South Africa has become a refuge for a significant number of Zimbabweans who migrated to the country following the economic collapse and political instability that occurred since the early 2000s.










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