WATCH: “Anyone Caught Selling Dr.ugs Will Be Arrested” – Says Mbare’s Newly Sworn-In Boss Dhama [video]

Newly sworn-in Mbare Ward 3 Councillor, Simbarashe “Dhama” Chanachimwe, popularly known as Dhama, has said he will ensure that his area is transformed so that the suburb doesn’t remain a laughing stock.

Councillor Chanachimwe, who won on a Zanu PF ticket, said this shortly after his swearing-in at Town House, in the Council’s Chamber.

Councillor Chanachimwe, who was revelling in victory, said that he was happy that in his constituency, they had been able to outwit the opposition which had been in power despite not doing “anything” for the residents.

“They (opposition) are corrupt such that they failed to do anything to develop Mbare; they are just incompetent.

“If you go to Mbare today, you will find that there is raw sewerage flowing, there is a lot of uncollected garbage. The people of Mbare do not have clean water.

“Now that we have been sworn in, we shall ensure that we start cleaning Mbare, we shall ensure that there is water for the people, so that people in Mbare have clean water.

“As you know, Matapi Flats and Magaba Flats are always being ridiculed by people on social media, so we want that to change.

“We are going to bring this transformation using the President’s Vision 2030 for development,” he said.

Councillor Chanachimwe, who has had a brush of the law after being allegedly found in possession of drugs, said he will ensure that the scourge is eliminated, as he vowed to continue working with other authorities for anti-drug campaigns in the constituency.

He said he will also work to ensure that drug rehabilitation centres are revived.

“As Zanu PF led by President Mnangagwa, we are saying no to drugs, and you will find out that the President set up a committee pertaining to that issue and that committee is being led by Honourable Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri.

“The President went further to invest US$500 million so as to fund the anti-drugs fight and as we speak, about 9 000 people have been arrested for drug-related crimes. So, like what we have been doing in Mbare, we shall keep on with all the anti-drug campaigns.

“We shall make sure that the youths are engaged in projects so that they don’t find themselves doing drugs, we want to eliminate this,” added Councillor Chanachimwe.

Turning onto the rehabilitation centres, he said these will be a top priority as well.

“We will resuscitate all rehabilitation centres that we have in Mbare so that we have a place where all those who are now addicts can find help.

“So, we want to have many such centres in Mbare but the main thing is that our youths have income generating projects so, that they are not idle, they need to be occupied,” added Councillor Chanachimwe.

He reiterated: “Anyone who will be caught selling drugs or engaged in dru.gs will be arr€sted, we are saying no to drugs.”

Councillor Chanachimwe is among 59 councillors (45 elected and 14 for the Women’s Quota) who were being sworn in on Thursday.


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