War of words: Mutarisi threatens to release recordings of Passion Java attacking ED

BUSINESSMAN Tinashe Mutarisi has opened a can of worms following a war of words with controversial self-styled cleric Passion Java.


Mutarisi who issued a stern warning to Java, threatened to unleash a series of recordings exposing Java, including tapes where he speaks ill of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


Following Java’s controversial accusations of fraud and attempts to fight government, Mutarisi in a 9-minute video on Facebook called out Java saying he was treading on dangerous grounds.


Before the exchange of words, Java posted a video accusing Mutarisi of attempting to commit insurance fraud after a Nash Paints factory was razed down by a fire.


Mutarisi is said to have lost property worth US$1,3 million in the inferno.


Java accused Mutarisi of torching his factory in an attempt to claim insurance money, an allegation that the Nash Paints boss has denied.


“Understand that Tinashe Mutarisi is a thief, he wanted to steal money from the government. He faked that fire that destroyed his factory, he wanted to defraud an insurance company,” said Java.


In response, Mutarisi said: “I want to warn you Passion Java, wakutambira kunonyudza. Inini ndine pfungwa dzakasiyana nedzako, brain wise, I am twenty thousand wiser than you.


“Ndine mari yakawanda kupfuura yako, ndine ma connections munomu mu Zimbabwe macho akapfuura ako.


“Usataure zvinhu zvausinganzwisise. Izvi zvasiyana nema drama amunoita pa social media.”


Mutarisi said Java was ill-speaking on an organisation that employs thousands of people while contributing to the country’s GDP.


The Nash Paints founder said he has recordings of Java including one where he was implicating his associates for arson.


“Passion I want you to remember everything you said yesterday. Be it about the President, be it about this country, be it about Prophet Makandiwa be it any other prophets, I will not even mention some names.


“Even when you mentioned your friend who associates himself with that light skinned guy who opened a new paint company and you mentioned that they are the ones who burnt down my factory, I have all the recordings,” raged Mutarisi. New Zimbabwe



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