Voltz JT’s Modhe Diss Track Comes In Between Winky D & Holy 10 Controversy

A diss song by Voltz JT about his rival Holy 10 hating on him has according to fans come relevant following Holy’s second Peter-ish denial controversy with dancehall artist Winky D.

A few weeks ago, Holy 10 has been nursing attacks from music fanatics who blamed him for regretting his collaboration with Winky D on song Ibotso.

The video together with lyrics for song Modhe have been tagged more times in the last 24 hours as angry fans make reference to it qualifying Holy as a traitor.

His interview with Daryll where Holy 10 referred to Winky D as ‘a snake longer than his dreadlocks’ is the one that sparked the whole debate, making fans pull out the diss song from the archives.

In the diss track, Voltz appears to be using the character Modhe as he sings about Holy 10’s betrayal as well as his thirst for dominance in the music industry specifically the hip hop world.

He says:

“Modhe arwara ne pressure but fear zvese ne panic

Unogona kungodiwa same time ndichidiwa

Game ndere munhu wese Modhe

I know uda kupisa uri one but hakuna kwatosvika

You don’t need to be selfish…”

He says Holy 10 is a betrayer who hate competition.

The 3-minute drill song is one of Voltz JT’s first songs.

The artists have not yet responded with regards the whole issue.

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