Video of Women Shaking Their Backsides in Church Leaves Many in Disbelief: “I Can Attend

Yazi, religion is getting more and more interesting.

A video showing women in a church putting their booty in the air and shaking it during service has left netizens with questions.Africa produces some of the most questionable religious content.

From the Doom pastor to supernatural resurrections, nothing is surprising anymore.

Twitter user @bchinyakata shared the video showing the women shaking what their mommas gave them. From the youngest to the oldest, no booty was still.      “Church settings.”

Some could not believe what their eyes were seeing, especially in a church. Some men were loving the view and wanted to know more about the church, lol.

Take a look at some of the comments:

@Mhaadahm_Vov said:

“Haaaybooooo, for real …. Umsuzo ke ngoku!!”

@_HerchelleR said:

“Africans overdo this religion.”

@KhabeleMac said:

“I can attend this church every Sunday ”

@__Gatsheni__ said:

“So I been looking for a new church I think I’ve found it directions please.”

@KMoussongo said:

“I can’t give my opinion right now, am in need of God grace at the moment. Bathing”

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