Video Of Japanese With His Malawian Wife Eating From Sufuria Awes Netizens

A Japanese man identified as Koga on social media, who lives in southern Africa with his Malawian wife is madly in love with her.

Koga and Jenny are blessed with one kid and have been using social media to share about their interracial marriage.

Video below:

The lovebirds live a simple life in a small house in Malawi and have amassed over 4 million likes on TikTok thanks to their realness.

The father of one shared a video showing the world the love of his wife and in the clip, he repeated over and over, saying Jenny was his partner.

“My wife. Can I say this again, my wife,” Koga said.

Reacting to the couple’s video, below are reactions from social media users:

_no girlfriend said:

“Best couple of the year!

Djoy Rodrigues said:

“Lovely couple.”

Masroor Williams435 said:

“Aww! So cute .”

Malaika-42 said:

“Proud husband. Baby looks so adorable.”

Monkeyboy5392 said:

“A proud husband to a beautiful wife and child .”

V said:

“You are really adorable and the baby also, congratulations.”

Osssi Mohamed said:

“What matters is a happy family .”

Shellywin said:

“Keep loving your wife dear.”

User6487457843650 said:

“Lovely family.”

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