Valentine’s Day is Coming, Do Not Be Too Desperate

As we approach February 14, it will be red everywhere and the streets will be littered with flowers, love cards, sweets, chocolate, perfumes and red apparel, and one of the most searched phrases on Google will be “what to do on Valentine’s Day”.

With the origin of this fuss not that clear, the celebration of the love day got its name from a man named Valentine. While several stories are told about what must have been done to inspire the day’s celebration, it is believed that it is because of his role as a Roman priest who helped couples marry secretly in the era of Emperor Claudius II of Rome who banned marriages with a thought that unmarried men made better soldiers.

To celebrate the day or not, our ability to love and be loved as humans has been affected over the years by the events of the day and we ought to do something in respect of the same, just do not be too desperate.

Whatever you do in preparation and celebration of the day, be sure to avoid financial stress, breaking someone else’s home, betraying the trust of people you have walked a beautiful journey with, and most importantly, hurting and devaluing the person that you are. It may not be worth it.

To the young people, the day usually generates a pandemic of making unfounded decisions in the name of gifts, photoshoots and sometimes, desperate attempt to please peers and perhaps family. It is important that you never get tempted to fall for the lows of the day by not feeling out of place because you do not have a valentine.

Love is a decision that can corrupt but it is upon us to make founded decisions, especially at a time when choosing who to spend the rest of your life with.To the married, this is the right time you can rediscover your love lives by thinking about forgiveness and reconciliation as you commemorate Valentine’s Day. It is terrible to have an escape with your extra at the expense of the person who will always stand by you, in thick and thin.

Every year, family law courts tend to see a lull in divorce cases during the holidays, followed by a spike in divorce filings in the month of January, sometimes referred to as “the divorce month”, but an opportunity arises in the middle of February for forgiveness and reconciliation.

If you are a couple in a fractured relationship, instead of looking to find a day’s gratification in someone else, how about rekindling and rebuilding what you already have?   Forgiveness can be a great response to a perception of injustice yet reconciliation triggers the restoration of love in a relationship.

And to a young man looking to start a family in the near future, just do not give your “promise to marry” to the wrong person all in the name of proposing on Valentine’s Day, the consequences may extend to the generations that will proceed you.

It is important to note that it is not all rosy every Valentine’s Day, the despair and distress associated with the same celebration have caused irreparable damage to many.

It sometimes comes with heartbreaks, depression, disappointments, divorce and even scams.

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