Used Sanitary Pads Bought For R60k Allegedly Being Used In Rituals?

A lady has shared an alleged undercover operation involving sanitary pads taking place in Sandton.

Twitter users were astounded earlier this month when a woman revealed that she makes money from collecting used sanitary pads from public dustbins for a man she allegedly met in Sandton.   It appears that the pads are being used for rituals by people who practice dark magic in South Africa.

Furthermore, the woman is also allegedly a student who needs the money. It is alleged that the buyer isn’t aware that the pads actually do not belong to this young lady but rather to other people.

The level of evilness😭😭💔💔     Ladies the is a war going on🤞 pic.twitter.com/q8Wb9stXGh                         — Rabbit Teeth 🐹🐹 (@DonknowMcgrego) February 3, 2023

Yooo so nawe u r now digging in the bins looking 4 20k🙌                                                — Lindiwe Gasa (@lindygasa) February 3, 2023


@JoyBlackZA:  “Ok from now on if I have to change a pad in public I am putting it in my pocket and taking it home.”

@FortunateNtuli1:  “Weeeee I thank god for the past three years I’m unable to use public toilets when it’s that of the month and I’ve started burning as from late year….yoooh imagine how many more girls are doing this,weeee I’ve only seen these in movies hey.”

@keketso_P:  “Lol, I saw this other girl washing her pads before throwing them away. I asked why are u doing this it’s so disgusting, and she said Im from Limpopo, with us it’s either u flush ur pad or rinse it before throwing it away. Now it makes sense ppl do evil with our blood.”

@PretoriaProudly:  “Hmmm, some of those people in my Kasi can disguise themselves as if they are looking for old stuff or recyclable material only to find that.”

Yooo so nawe u r now digging in the bins looking 4 20k🙌                                                 — Lindiwe Gasa (@lindygasa) February 3, 2023

Kunini ngitsi Yho 😱     The love for money is the root of all evil indeed.               — la_vungandze#5 (@bucie_SZ) February 3, 2023

Take them home and dispose of them        — Emilly Nolan 🇿🇼 (@EmillyNolan) February 3, 2023

Kgante hadi hlatswiwe vele dipads 🙈 i even taught my daughter to wash hers if ale sekolong o boya ka tsona adi hlatswa adi lahla o di phuthela ka tissue a dikenya mona…cos my mom taught me gore pad wae hlatswa hao entsha pic.twitter.com/Bu74nuKieL                            — ngwananawamotsofe (@SarahBmoremi) February 3, 2023

Nope with the blood that come from woman vagina, even in past our grannies use to wash the clothes as it dangerous if you just leave it.                                                 — Sindangonyezi (@NjabuloMgwaba) February 3, 2023

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