US Man Attempts To Smuggle Chicken Wings Into J.a.i.l

An Atlanta, Georgia, man was arrested for allegedly using a broken window at the Dekalb County J.a.i.l to deliver items like n.a.r.c.o.t.i.c.s, tobacco, cell phones, chicken wings and more.

It’s is reported that investigators charged Michael Anthony Dixon with crossing a guard line with weapons, intoxicants, d.r.u.g.s without consent, criminal trespass, possession of marijuana and possession of c.o.c.a.i.n.e with distribution intent.

Dixon, who the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office said was carrying a box cutter, was stopped outside of the facility on Feb. 3 while past the guard line area.

When deputies searched the area, they found a hidden white back in a nearby brush.

Deputies said the bag contained c.o.c.a.i.n.e, packs of cigarettes, lighters, marijuana, ear pods, hex keys, glue gel, sweets, jewelry, charging cords and cooked chicken wings.

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