Unlike D’Banj & Koffi Olomide, Winky D Rejected Passion Java Project Offer

An opinion by a socialite has made noise online after he scaled down thoughts on international artists that are flocking into the country with the aid of music promoter Passion Java.

He was making reference to the visit by the popular Congolese rhumba artist Koffi Olomide and the latest by Nigerian based Afrobeats artist D’Banj.

Not only has the tweets dish out a political school of thought, it also dug up old files where a throwback video of Passion Java confessing during a live show that Winky D rejected a USD$35k offer which was meant for him to be part of his project.

“Mukoma Winky ndakava offer US35 000 yekuti ndishande nayo one year chete, vaka calculator vakaona kuti hazvibude vakati l can’t take the offer….”, said Passion Java in the video.

In a series of tweets seen by Afrogazette, twitter user @Laque-Davis had the following to say;

“Saw some funny post by Professor Jonathan Moyo where he now praises Passion Java for his theatrics, misrepresented as music promotion.

Perhaps exile is affecting Prof’s memory, but in 2021, he correctly observed that Mr Mnangagwa had essentially turned Passion Java into his Commissar

….Also Profesional Moyo insulted citizens aggrieved by how Passion Java makes these international artists wear the infamous Mnangagwa scarf.

Funny enough, in a heated exchange with the British Catriona Laing, Prof Moyo ridiculed her for wearing what he termed the “voodoo scarf”.

Sad isn’t it, that when it was convenient for Prof Moyo, Passion Java was a “political delinquent on steroids.

Now that Professor Moyo feels like it, the same Panganai Gava, should be praised as a music promoter, helping ‘internationalize’ local artists .

It’s extremely concerning how this one cantankerous, irascible and crotchety individual finds strength to insult and ridicule people for saying the same stuff he was promoting, when it was convinient.

His levels of hypocrisy & double standards require a national day of prayer.

Back to Passion Java, was listening to an interesting video the other day.

During an interaction with Mudiwa Hood, Passion, whilst praising Winky D, admitted that he offered him USD$35k in 2019, to be part of what Passion only calls, “my project.”

Winky D apparently refused.

With the way how ZanuPF propaganda machinery has been trying to cancel Winky D, it’s not too difficult to understand what the “project”, Passion wanted to recruit for, actually is.

The answer equally lies with all these theatrics of scarfering those “international artists”.

Admittedly though, ZanuPF is well within its rights, to come up with campaign strategies involving its “political delinquent Commissar on steroids”, Passion Java.

However, stop trying to guilt trip citizens for seeing through Passion’s antics & expressing dissatisfaction.

That “voodoo scarf” isn’t a Zimbabwean scarf.

It’s party regalia representing Mr Mnangagwa’s politics.

Anyone who chooses to consciously wear it, consciously associates themselves with ED and his politics.

Through association with some, we equally dissociate from others.

It wasn’t even surprising really, that Kofi Olomide, who purportedly came to “collaborate with local artists” only gave us a ZanuPF jingle.

Within a few hours, not only has D’banje met ED, he was all over state radio stations consciously praising him.

It’s all politics.

…So again, ZanuPF is free to do its politics, including needlessly polarizing (international) artists

However, the people aggrieved by the scarf and how it symbolizes the current state of affairs in the country are free to express that resentment

Again, thats politics


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