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Unisex restrooms proposed for South African school

In a document circulated, a number of rules and regulations are being considered by the Education Ministry.

The goal is to become more inclusive – but that means a lot of things will have to change as a result. Already, there are murmurs of discontent in some circles.

Some of the guidelines set out by the Department of Basic Education include the following:  Schools will soon be required to provide ‘genderless/unisex toilets and changing rooms’.

Individual stalls, gendered bathroom signs, and more cubicles are touted as a solution.

Teachers are to be told they must AVOID gender-segregating, by splitting classes, lines, or groups into ‘boys and girls’.

The provision of gender-neutral uniforms must also be made available to all pupils who require them.

‘Dead-naming’ will also be outlawed.

That means a student identifying with a different gender CANNOT be called by their previous name.

The guidelines aim to combat discrimination, but the topic is likely to spark an avalanche of debate.

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