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Ukrainian Sisters Detained For Twerking On Soldiers’ Graves In Kyiv

Two Ukrainian women were detained after a video of them dancing and twerking on the graves of dead soldiers went viral.

The video which was originally posted on Instagram by a user named ‘vl_lindermann’ shows sisters filming their dancing on the graves of dead soldiers on August 24, Ukraine’s Independence Day. The clip shows the photos of the soldiers who lost their lives. Later, however, the video was removed, and the user posted an apology on Instagram, saying that they were visiting their father’s grave. The video soon circulated across social media platforms.

According to, the Ukrainian police claim they came across the clip on Thursday evening. “In less than an hour, law enforcement officers had established [the women’s] whereabouts and brought them to the police department,” a statement by the Kyiv police said on Friday, adding that the two sisters “face up to five years behind bars” on charges of “desecration of soldiers’ graves.”

It was later revealed that the two sisters came to the cemetery to honour the memory of the fallen… in such a way. The Ukrainian police later published the pictures of the two women, still dressed in the same clothes they were wearing in the video, accompanied by a police officer.

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