UK Based Zimbabwean Fistoz Now Living His DJ Dream From Being A Restaurant Employee

When an invitation popped up, Dj Fistoz needed someone to pinch him from his slumber, so he thought.

It is a dream that was manifesting for the Bulawayo-bred and United Kingdom-based DJ.

For an ambition born out of the dusty streets of Bulawayo, playing in clubs around the second largest city in Zimbabwe, this was a sign that DJ Fistoz was yearning for in his career.

It was a culmination of an aborted journey in neighbouring South Africa, beginning in an unfamiliar territory, a restaurant.

“The journey has been long, not going to lie. I started deejaying from back home in Zimbabwe and I went to South Africa I stopped and did restaurant jobs and I relocated to the UK and was ready to get back into studying and my friends told me how talented I was after I played at some private booking’s that’s when I stopped education and went back to deejaying professionally and yeah it’s been a journey and taken loads of risks, for example, putting education on hold to pursue my career,” DJ Fistoz real name Prince Nkosana Ncube told NewZimbabwe.com.

From the tip of Southern Africa to the land of monarchs, DJ Fistoz established his kingdom in the UK.

DJ Fistoz carved a niche in the UK, where people are hungry for an African sound.

He has become the most sought DJ sharing the stage with the creme de la creme of African music.

As if he was not soaring high enough, DJ Fistoz etched his name in history books as he became one of the first Zimbabwean artists to perform at the Afronation Portugal 2023 festival.

Afronation is a three-day musical festival that was held in Portugal late last month.

The festival united Africa with Europe, the United States of America, the Caribbean and Latin America, celebrating diverse cultures.

“I was just chilling and I saw an email for the offer and I was thinking it’s a fake email but I have done big events so two minutes later was like yeah it’s real we are rocking,” said Fistoz.

Fistoz shared the stage with African heavyweights Burna Boy, Davido, Wizkid, Scorpion Kings and Shasha.

The spotlight shone on the Zimbabwean as he dished out Amapiano much to the delight of a bumper crowd.

Draped in a Zimbabwean flag, Fistoz dropped Winky D’s ‘Disappear’ on a saxophone version done by music producer Oskid.

“On my set, I’m definitely inspired by both of the Winky D and Oskid is a big producer because every time I hear a song starting with ‘Oskid productions’ I know it’s a banger and Winky D is more like my idol because I actually learnt Shona through listening to his album that had that song tavharisa 2010 etc it used to be on repeat for days.

“By saying I risked my career I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I meant my booking contract was to get there and play an Amapiano set for one hour because the stage was an Amapiano stage not RnB, not Hip Hop, not Zim Dancehall.

“But I was like I’m Zimbabwean let me plug my country’s music even if it means I don’t get booked again next year or in the future, I know I tried my best to put ZIM music out there and I don’t regret doing it because the Zimbabweans who attended they enjoyed that part more,” said Fistoz.


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