Uebert Angel, Other Prophets Foresaw Argentina Winning The World Cup

A future-telling prophet dubbed Uebert Angel, born Uebert Mudzanire has this time become popular for his true final FIFA World Cup verdict.

Ambassador Angel who is also a British-Zimbabwean businessman foresaw Argentina winning the cup and history has proven him correct.

Witnesses say the future-teller addressed the position of the teams to his congregants on the final matchday, Sunday in his church service at 7 arts in Harare.

Most chilling of all, he went on to state how Argentina was going to win on penalties, insuring that the penalty difference was  going to be 2, game to end at (4-2).

He specifically mentioned that there will be a repeat of 1978 a year where Agentina won the world cup.

Believers have since celebrated with the 44 year old prophet giving him the benefit of doubt that he truly is not a fake prophet.

Uebert Angel is an evangelist preacher who founded a pentecostal ministry located in the UK named Spirit Embassy.

Apart from Uebert, other prophets have also made world cup predictions.

Brazilian prophet nicknamed “the Living Nostradamus” also predicted that Argentina and France will contest the final on December 18.

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