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Two Grown Men Fight Over Phone Number

Two men from Plumtree in Mphoengs faced the full wrath of law after they fought over a “cellphone number”.

The state, at Plumtree magistrate’s court on Monday charged Thandazani Ncube (21) and Nqobani Moyo (31) all of Tshitshi area in Mphoengs with ‘disorderly conduct in a public place’.

Circumstances were that on 14 September 2023, Thandazani asked for Nqobani’s niece phone number from the latter.

However, Nqobani denied and was eventually assaulted by Thandazani for his refusal to avail the said cellphone number.

Feeling humiliated and out of anger, Nqobani later followed Thandazani where he scratched him with a knife on the right shoulder and on the upper side of the waist once.

In turn Thandazani made a police report but after investigations both were charged and appeared before Mr Joshua Nembaware at Plumtree magistrate’s court.

The state represented by Mr Voster Makuwere opposed bail and remanded them in custody to 22 September 2023.




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