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Two Commercial Sex Workers Rapped

An Epworth man (27) identified as Tawanda Kamvura was arrested for raping two commercial sex workers in a parked car.

The commercial sex workers are aged 30 and 38.

What happened is the victims were picked up at their ‘workplace’ at Chiremba Shopping Centre while they were looking for clients.

The culprit threatened the victims with vicious dogs if they resisted, so they agreed.

The victims were later referred to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals for medical examination.

In a statement,on behalf of  ZRP, Insp Chakanza said:

“Police arrested a Highfield man for raping two women believed to be sex workers in Epworth.

“On January 6 at around 8pm, the complainants went to Chiremba Shopping Centre in Epworth.

“At around 1am, electricity went off, plunging the whole shopping centre into darkness.

“Since the victims were new in the area, they remained stationary in the veranda waiting for clients,” he said.

The Inspector went on to say:

“The accused person arrived driving a silver Toyota Mark 11 and offered to take them to his sister’s house for the night.

“The victims noticed that there were two dogs in the vehicle and they were driven to an unknown place where he parked and took turns to rape them without protection.

“He was threatening to unleash his dogs or shoot them with a gun if they resisted. He took their money amounting to US$40.

“One of the victims begged to leave the car pretending to relieve herself after she was raped and rushed to a nearby house where she raised alarm, and the accused person was apprehended,”.

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