Twin Launch Of Winky D & Seh Calaz’s Albums Sparks Debate

Loyalty of fans is being tested once again following the announcements on dancehall entertainers Winky D and Seh Calaz’s albums which are to be unveiled on the same day.

The artists are set to launch their albums on the 31st of December as the world cross over to 2023.

Winky D is expected to launch his album live at HICC, the Rainbow Towers at a $10 fee.

The latter’s sits at $5 with the venue to be announced.

Seh Calaz’ legion of fans has been upset following the development since the chanter had been the first to announce the New Year’s extravaganza.

Writing on social media, fans vent out their thoughts on the issue.

“Seh calaz announced his album launch before Winky Saka Winky ndiye akuda competition maybe bcz akuda kuratidza ,hukuru but this is not their first time kuita album launch same day vanhu ava they have done it before Calaz akazadza kudarika winky saka Winky won’t rest,” said Twitter user @mrpurplezw.

Winky D’s fans were not to be outspoken.

“KwaWinky D tikuenda nemanotebooks because it’s gon be that deep,” added another Twitter user @takudna.

However others neutrally handled the issue:

“My honest view and opinion is they will both have good shows because the shows will attract two distinct audiences,” said Twitter user @edendisoulja.

The debate is still ongoing with fans toasting to their choices.

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