Tweeps React To DJ Zinhle’s Endless Tributes To AKA

Following the passing of AKA, Dj Zinhle penned a heartfelt message to the late rapper. In her message, the famed DJ expressed that the family will take care of Kairo and make her the happiest girl that AKA always wanted her to be.

“We will continue to do what’s best for her, we will raise her in a loving environment that encourages forgiveness, one that is deeply rooted in the great spirit of being a family…over everything else.

“We are all responsible for her happiness now, my family and yours will pull together to make sure she is the happiest girl in the world…exactly how you always made her feel.” She wrote.

DJ Zinhle has not stopped only at penning a tribute message to Supa Mega, but she has also taken her mourning to Instagram stories. Zinhle has been recently expressing how broken she is for losing her baby daddaddy

Her Instagram stories have been under scrutiny on social media as tweeps feel like she is overdoing it stating that she must respect her husband Murdah Bongz and AKA’s girlfriend Nadia Nakai. In celebrating 11 years of her Era brand, Zinhle wrote; “11 years of @erabyzinhle, 11 years of knowing kiernan.”

Even if thats the case sisi you can grieve without typing yazi,respect your married self. Remember that man had 3 different women while he was “dating” you to the extent of marrying the late one remember. So please dont bore us. #djzinhle pic.twitter.com/ENOXRLZAS0.                         — Libra (@Tems_Eland) March 1, 2023

Murda Bongz needs to leave that hoe. I knew she was a menace when she lied and said she was from Newcastle when in fact she’s originally from Dannhauser. Dj Zinhle is straight up disrespecting Murda. She’s on some Jada Pinkett Smith shit.                         — Xolani-Njabulo🇿🇦 (@maxola1) March 1, 2023

Y’all need to leave DJ Zinhle alone. WTF?   — Mandla Mngomezulu (@_MandlaM) March 1, 2023


Dj Zinhle is definitely disrespecting Bongz as her husband, also Nadia aswell …. This is not about Cairo anymore … AKA choose other Women over her while he was still alive.. she must rest now . Shuu!!! Madness   — Mokwena Lucas👑 (@african_lucas) February 28, 2023

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