‘Try This At Home’ : Nigerian Man Shares Secret After 8 Months Usage Of Gas Without Refilling 5KG Cylinder – Watch Video

A Nigerian man uploaded a video of himself filling his gas cylinder with a liquid to improve efficiency.

He revealed in a video that, after adding a liquid he had in a syringe, he has been enjoying his cooking gas at home.

Before adding gas to the cylinder, the man in the video demonstrated how the liquid could be injected into it.

He disclosed that those who used the technique had been enjoying their gas cylinder for roughly eight months.

“You only need a syringe to inject it into the cylinder. Ensure that all the air and gas inside the cylinder comes out first”, he wrote.

Nigerians have reacted in different ways to the man’s discovery

@sunnywhite_chibundo reacted: “Tinubu don do us shege. People don dey invent things to scam people of the remaining naira. Peter when are you coming.”

@dewbanks said: “This is an example of a good maths teacher that knows what he is doing but lacks d ability to make his students understand maths.”

@dd_dov wrote: “Nigerians too much. where can we get it? Am in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State. can you send me details, I need it.”

@faviclwxkta added: “Does this fuel factor work as explained for real? has anyone here tried it? please what’s the connection of fuel with gas? does it have side effect?”


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