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Till Operating & Supermarket Jobs Scam Hits Harare

Zimbabweans have cried foul over money-making schemes that are targeting a majority of desperate unemployed citizens.

A lot of people have been scammed through fake job adverts with till operating and supermarket jobs taking the crown.

The same job adverts for till operating and supermarket related fields have been on the streets long enough to sound true and also the same text being used by different agencies each and everyday.

They have flooded social media especially WhatsApp with some attaching posters in public areas such as bus terminals.

Ever wondered which companies have such endless job opportunities, especially without much experience and only requires your national ID?

According to the scam ads, usually the target candidate must be older than 18, with or without qualifications and experience.

They only require one to come with their national identification cards.

The adverts usually states a salary of between USD75-120 free lunch and transport benefits, in some instances free accommodation.

The scammers also top it up to make it real by stating the number of ladies and gentlemen wanted,the majority being ladies assuming they are the most vulnerable.

One such victim stated that after going to the recruiters’ place, which is usually not anywhere like a professional office, the people in charge demand a USD25 fee for one to secure a place.

Other victims said the fee was for training ,since the job requires a certificate.

Those that have been lucky have been quick to open their eyes,whilst the unfortunate have been and are still being scammed.

Such adverts are not the first of their kind to trap unaware victims.

Data scammers are also on the loose. They insinuate selling cheap data compared to original service providers such as Econet, Netone and Telecel. However, some have been tricked considering that the trade is mostly not mobile, you may not see the dealer face-to-face, hence possible for one to get tricked.

Here is a trending story on social media from an anonymous man who almost got scammed;

“Albion and Cameroon so ndamira ipapo for about an hour or so but ndanga ndichingoona vanhu vachipinda vachibuda vakabata mapapers out of curiosity I decided to ask one of the girls anga akubuda imomo achibuda imomo ndikati chiiiii chikuitika zvikanzi varikuwanisa mabasa.

.. I decided kupindawo ndagaramo for about 20minutes ndakatosvika vanhu vachilecture in the first room so pane rimwe door ranga riripo vanhu vanga vachizodeendzwa vachipinda in that room volecture fut about supermarkets and till?operating also after the lecture pazotanga kudendxwa mazita vanhuvachipinda futi mune imwe room so.

Ndasheedzerwa Zita rangu bvandapinda and the guy introduced himself to me zvikanzi we have a company it’s in the retail sector and it’s competitors are choppies ..OK and other supermarkets as well….so kuti uwane basa you’ll be put in a department then ukaonekwa kuti you’re well vested in that area you’ll be employed in that department may it be till operating or merchandising or marketing but before we go any further panoda $25 USD yekubata nzvimbo that’s where everything went wrong.

Ndamupindura Kuti handina zvikanzi saka une marii ndikati handina chandiinacho …mirai ndiende kumba kunotora, zvikanzi haukwanise kuzodzoka cz it’s a once off thing ndikati haaa it’s okay…ndanzwira tsitsi other ladies who where paying the 25us ..apa pakubuda wanga usingabude nekwawapinda nako guys people are hustling illegally.

This is a real thing zvikutoitika like now izvi help a friend ..hakuna basa rinobhadhariswa kuti uriwane.

Amana musaende kunovharwa pana sheperton building muna Cameroon please please shoko ngarifambe that’s a scam ikuitika ipapo.”

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