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Thieves faces instant judgment as they were hit by a bus trying to flee.

Two thieves met an unfortunate fate after they were hit by a bus while fleeing from the people they had stolen from.

In a shocking turn of events, two individuals attempting to flee the scene of their crime were struck by a bus on Chinhoyi Street in Harare today. This incident brought the bustling town to an abrupt standstill as onlookers gathered in disbelief.

A large crowd assembled at the site of the accident, witnessing a tragic outcome for the two thieves. One of the men succumbed to his injuries immediately, while the other sustained severe injuries. The deceased had his head fatally injured in the collision.
video shared on the Herald YouTube channel captured the moment police officers arrived at the chaotic scene. The crowd watched in shock as law enforcement managed the aftermath of the accident. The surviving thief had already been ferried to the hospital.
An Eyewitness reported that the two men had stolen a phone near the Gulf complex. In their attempt to escape, they ran into oncoming traffic, leading to the fatal accident. The injured thief, known locally as Gaa, was promptly taken to the hospital by his parents for medical attention.The other thief, however, was met with an instant death from the hit. His body was lying lifeless on the ground, covered by a cloth.


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