“They satisfied my s£x demand…” – says herdboy caught banging goat to d£ath

IN a shocking case of bestiality, a 43-year-old herdboy from Togotsvebo Village in Mphoengs, Matabeleland South province chillingly confessed to his “sadistic s€xual interest” in animals when he was charged with rap¡ng two goats leading to one of them dying during the horrifying act.


Appearing before Plumtree magistrate Joshua Nembaware, Njabulo Moyo pleaded gu¿lty to bestiality as defined in Section 74 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23.


He was, however, saved from the agony of jail life when he was sentenced to pay a fine of $200 or one month in pr¡son in default of payment.


In addition two months imprisonment were wholly suspended for a period of five years on condition Moyo does not within that period commit any offence of which b£stiality is an element for which upon conviction he will be sentenced to imprisonment without the option of a fine.


Moyo however, made an appalling revelation when he said he had engaged in s£x with goats because they satisfied his s£x urge.


“I don’t know what was happening, I just found myself doing it with the goats because they satisfied my s£x demand. I am sorry for what I did,” Moyo apologised.


The magistrate however, expressed profound dismay, describing Moyo’s act as “grotesque cruelty,” adding that the horrifying consequences led to the d£ath of one of the goats.


He said it was the “highest form of animal cruelty’ he had ever seen.


The State’s case as presented by prosecutor Arnold Mudekunye was that on 1 October and at around 3am Michael Ncube woke up when he heard his goats bleating and his dogs were also barking continuously.


When he woke up he proceeded to the goat pen to investigate what was happening.


Upon arrival he busted Moyo busy having s£x with one of his female goats.


Ncube then asked him what he was doing and the unperturbed Moyo threatened to beat him up before he ordered him to leave.


Ncube complied and went away to his bedroom to sleep leaving behind Moyo to continue having s£x with the goat.


The court heard that at around 6am Ncube proceeded to the goat pen where he discovered that two of his female goats had been sexually abused and one of them was d£ad with some semen on its rear, an indication that it had died as a result of the s£xual abus£.


He then advised his neighbours who tracked a trail of footprints from the goat pen which led them to Moyo’s place.


They managed to locate him and apprehended him before they took him to the police. B Metro


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