“There is no profit in ‘nyash’,if you like post your backside,I no go dm you”-Comedian Sabinus to ladies

Popular Nigerian skit maker and comedian, Sabinus, whose real name is Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu, has issued a stern warning to girls who attempt to gain his attention by uploading revealing photos.

He made it clear that their efforts to get him to slide into their direct messages (DMs) would be in vain.

Sabinus firmly stated that he has no intention of responding to such advances, regardless of how suggestive or expl¡cit the photos may be.

His reason for ignoring these attempts is that he is focused on saving money to invest in acquiring land. He emphasized that even if he can only afford half a plot, he is committed to making a wise financial decision for his future.

According to the comedian, there is no value or profit in chasing after a woman’s physical appearance, specifically her derriere.

He believes that investing in tangible assets like land will provide greater returns and stability in the long run, rather than engaging in frivolous pursuits.

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