The Battle Of The Dancefloor: Bev Sibanda Responds To Lady Storm

Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda has responded to one of her fiercest rivals Lady Storm after the latter namedropped her during an interview on Star FM.

Speaking to DJ Ollah 7 on Star FM’s popular On The Spot talkshow, Lady Storm revealed that she had beaten Beverly Sibanda.

Lady Storm, also known as Eriza after the name of Jah Prayzah’s popular video which made her a household name, revealed she had beaten up Bev Sibanda at Holy’s Night Club. She said:

Takatomborovana chaiko. In fact hatina kurovana, ndakamurova.

When asked by DJ Ollah 7 why she resorted to violence, Lady Storm said Bev is the type of person who provokes others to the point that they have no option but to beat her up. Lady Storm said:

So she is just like that anoku provoker zvimwe zviya zvekuti you end up wapa corner kuti this is the only way out. Though I am not that kind of a person, but pane dzimwe nguva dzekuti unosiyiwa wapa stage yekuti you know…

Lady Storm denied that she has a short fuse saying that Bev Sibanda had taken things too far and she had to put her back in her place. She revealed that she thoroughly beat up the Sexy Angels dance group leader.

“Kutorova munhu chaiko chaiko. Kutodhandaradza munhu. No, I’m not short tempered but pane pamwe pekuti hauzojairire dare. Pane pamwe pekuti hauzonyanyodheerere munhu sterek you know,” Lady Storm added.

Taking to her official Facebook page, Bev Sibanda responded to Lady Storm. The Sexy Angels dance group leader added that Lady Storm is trying to launch a comeback into the dance industry by namedropping her.

While she did not confirm nor deny that Lady Storm beat her up, Bev Sibanda said she will not give her fellow industry colleague what she is seeking.

“I will not give her wat she wants drama rako itawega haudzoke mugame nezita rangu,” Bev Sibanda wrote on her Facebook page.

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