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Tenant-cum-boyfriend Ditches Landlady Lover For New Flame

LOVE has turned sour between a Mutare landlady and her former tenant-cum-boyfriend after the latter ditched her for a new flame in Penhalonga.

Tobias Rupinda is now demanding his generator and a building tools box that Rumbidzai Mapira is holding on to.  Mapira dragged Rupinda to court claiming that the latter is harassing her and disturbing her peace.

Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato, granted a peace order to Mapira.  Mapira said she had approached the courts because Rupinda is disturbing her peace, demanding a generator that he claims to be his.

She also said Rupinda is falsely claiming that he left a tools box in the room he was renting at her house.  “He came to my house demanding a generator, but we bought it together when we were still in love.

He also did not leave behind his tools box, he only left his clothes. He is tarnishing my image in the community, saying I am a greedy landlady.  “When he left for Penhalonga, I followed him and discovered that he was staying with another woman. When I asked the woman about Rupinda’s whereabouts, the lady assaulted me,” said Mapira.

Rupinda said he started staying with Mapira in 2017 when she had told him that she had a room to spare at her house.  “I started using the room in 2017 without any challenges. lt was just the two of us at the house. One day I came from work to discover that my clothes had been washed by my landlady.

‘‘This also included my undergarments. I had left them soaked and I was shocked by the development.  “As if that was not enough, Mapira offered me to use her gas stove in the kitchen to cook my food.

After a few weeks, she told me that she was afraid to sleep alone in her bedroom and she started sleeping in my room. This went on for five years, but we were not in love,” said Rupinda.

He said he later realised that he was way younger than Mapira, who is 50-years-old, and decided to look for someone of his age to marry.  He said this did not go down well with Mapira.

Although Mr Chipato granted Mapira the peace order, he ordered her to give Rupinda his tools box.  On the generator, they were told to sale it and share the money.

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