Tapiwa Makore’s Mother Vows To Seek Spiritual Revenge Against Son’s Murd€rers

The grieving mother of the Murehwa boy, Tapiwa Makore Jr, who was brutally murdered on 17 September 2020 says she will seek spiritual revenge against her son’s murderers.

Tapiwa was murdered by his uncle Tapiwa Makore Sr and Tafadzwa Shamba who intended to harvest his body parts for ritual purposes.

The two have hitherto steadfastly refused to reveal the location of Tapiwa’s head or the name of the alleged traditional healer who told them to bring a human head for their cabbage business to thrive.

Speaking after the two murderers were sentenced to death on Wednesday, 12 July, Tapiwa’s mother, Linda Munyori said she will only rest once her son’s spirit haunts his killers. She said:

Handisi kuzozorora kusvika ndaziva kuti musoro wemwana wangu wakaenda kupi.

They did not reveal anything about the whereabouts of Tapiwa’s head. I will not forgive them because maybe zvavo zviri kutovaitira nemusoro wake wavakatora.

I am appealing to anyone who is able to help me invoke Tapiwa’s spirit. I want him to fight for himself.

There are a lot of names that were mentioned and I believe that it is not just an ordinary case. They also played a part and that is why the head’s whereabouts are not known.

If Tapiwa’s spirit is brought back, it will haunt everyone who is involved in his murder.

Tapiwa Sr and Shamba were both sentenced to death by High Court Judge Justice Mutevedzi on Wednesday.

Tapiwa Jr was a Grade One learner at Nyamutumbu Primary School and his teacher was Keresia Makamure who described him as an intelligent, obedient child whose future was bright.


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