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Taking Matters Into Her Own Hands: Woman Seduces Late Husband’s Murderer To Get Evidence

Individuals who work law enforcement jobs like police officers and detectives are often swamped with work, understaffed, and in the worst-case scenarios, accused of being bribed to drag their feet in certain investigations.

So, when the police failed to nab her husband’s alleged k!ller, a Colombian woman decided to get her hands on the case and get the accused murd€r€r apprehended by authorities.

The unnamed woman, according to authorities in Cordoba, Colombia, spent years becoming acquainted with the supposed criminal, Rubén Darío Viloria Barrios and accumulating enough evidence to get him prosecuted.

Viloria Barrios is suspected of being a criminal mastermind who oversaw the transportation of drugs to Central America and the US, directed assassination attempts on competitors and even former allies, and smuggled guns and ammunition.

He reportedly achieved this by pretending to be a reputable trader in Ciénaga de Oro, with most of those who knew him described him as a highly religious guy who taught the word of God.

The widow was said to be highly determined and had spent years plotting how she would execute the dangerous task. She slowly infiltrated his circle and ended up seducing him to gain some evidence of his supposed illegal activity.

Viloria Barrios is said to have taken a liking to her and even fallen in love with the amateur sleuth. He eventually reportedly disclosed his dealings to her and she wasted no time blowing the whistle to the police.

She informed authorities that he would be attending a meeting with other alleged criminals in Monteria, and the National Police Special Operations Group was able to apprehend him.


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