“Stunt For Attention”: Reactions Trail Kanye West’s Alleged Disappearance

West’s questionable behaviour is one of the reasons why online users were unconcerned when @DailyLoud reported on Twitter that he had gone missing.

According to the popular online account, he has been missing for weeks and has not been found.

The American rapper has made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Some of his controversial moments include a White Lives Matter t-shirt parade at his Yeezy show and at a basketball game with his daughter North.  Since then, people have lost interest in Ye, who was once popular among the younger generations due to his incredible rapping abilities.

It also seems that Kanye West has been in hiding since the businessman Thomas St. John has been trying to serve him with legal documents.

According to reports, St. John said in a court hearing he has not been able to find the producer-turned-rapper-turned-fashion designer for weeks, as he sues him for breach of contract.

St. John claims Kanye West had agreed to pay him a monthly retainer, but since the two had an “aggressive” meeting, West stopped paying him.

Previous to the aforementioned meeting, the two enjoyed a good working relationship, with the “Jesus Walks” rapper asking him to be the Chief Financial Officer of Donda, one of his businesses.   With this new position, St. John was to be paid a “monthly retainer fee” of $300,000.  “[St. John] needed a guarantee that [West] wouldn’t abruptly abandon the commercial relationship, in addition to the financial costs and hazards associated with committing to [West] as client.

But Mr. St. John offered to settle for a contract lasting at least 18 months,” the lawsuit read.  However, with Kanye’s recent money troubles … is anyone shocked?      “Kanye West has reportedly been missing and unable to find for weeks according to his ex-business manager.”

In response to the serious report, people were simply unconcerned, cracking jokes and openly declaring that they don’t care.

@elgunslinger12 said:

“I heard from a good source he’s visiting Tupac.”

@Lambo_Whale shared:

“Kanye got to much heat on him, he gotta lay low for a minute.”

@IbleedP_G posted:

“He exposed a lot and now he knows they’re after him. Probably can’t trust anyone at this point.”

@beyeboi replied:

“Couldn’t care less what happened to that man. He needs a break anyways.”

@Capone20s commented:

“YE a genius he kidnapped himself to stop their payments.”

@nikangel39 wrote:

“Another stunt for attention”

@Lupmon2 reacted:

“Kanye is using everything in his power to stay on the news.”

@C_moesh added:

“He is just hiding. Doesn’t wanna pay child support.”

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