Stunner’s Girlfriend Breast Shamed

Social media streets are on fire following the joint bandwagon in bashing Stunner’s girlfriend in a circulating picture with her wearing a braless outfit revealing her cleavage.

Following the release of the topless photo, singer Desmond Tambawoga Chideme (Stunner) and current girlfriend, whose Instagram name is @mazekeen_jade have set the social media circles ablaze and are now on the receiving end of heft criticism of her body.

“Boobs on sleeping mode,” Twitter user @ralphalpha posted.

Fans have taken to multiple platforms with many taking issue with the girl’s breasts in the photo.

Mostly women took the criticism of Jade personally, viewing the critics’ own bodies in the context of such harsh backlash.

“People bodyshaming Jade for having saggy breasts but theirs are down to the knees,” one Instagram user wrote in defense on behalf of her.

According to the comments, the girlfriend posted the photo herself on her Instagram story.

The 42 year old singer and his girlfriend have not yet responded to the lash outs.

Surprisingly, most of the comments that flocked the timeline exposed how women because of nature have endured the effects of bodyshaming.

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