Strongman Zikhali In Bulawayo For Eating Competition

Recently opened Chiefs Village Lounge in Bulawayo is set to be a hive of activity this weekend as the popular strongman Arnold “Oxman” Zikhali is expected in the city for an eating competition.

Oxman who became a social media sensation in June after exhibiting his incredible strength (pulling a 56-tonne train wagon) and strange eating habits, will show those in Bulawayo, his eating skill. The 36-year-old shocked many people with his average lunch menu of 2kg isitshwala, 2kg meat and vegetables, six pints of lacto, one litre juice, and 2 litres water.

To put him to the test, he is set to partake in a competition dubbed “Eat all you can” at the lounge that was recently opened at the Chiefs Village (formerly AmaZulu Sports Club).

Event organisers said Oxman will be in the city on Saturday for the competition that will take place in the afternoon.

“The Oxman, Zimbabwe’s strongest man will be in the City of Kings and Queens this Saturday for the Eat all you can buffet at Chiefs Village Lounge. We can’t wait to host them in the city,” organisers said.

They urged those who feel they can outdo the Oxman in the eating competition to attend the event to challenge him.

Speaking from Harare, the Oxman said: “I’m ready for this. I’m coming to test this concept and eat all I can. It’s going to be exciting and I’m inviting people to come in numbers and watch me put this restaurant to the test.”

The competition will be a family-friendly one as kids are also eligible to enter for free.

Event organisers said the winner of the competition will receive free meals at the lounge for a week.

The Chief’s Village has two spots, the Chiefs Village Lounge and Bangani Garden which opened to the public last month.

The garden has been playing popular because of its outdoor facility and live entertainment from various DJs and music bands.

The lounge has also been a hit because of its exclusivity and balcony that is to die for.

Entertainment at the joint this weekend will be led by resident DJ Molfy.




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