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South African Woman Posts Husband With Married Side Chick On Her Socials

A South African woman identified as @Pertu_78 on her TikTok has posted pictures of her husband and side chick on her Whatsapp, Facebook and TikTok.

It has been reported that the side chick is married to another man.

According to a post seen by Afrogazette, @Pertu_78’s sister with username @Iam_Wynona on Twitter opened up about the whole situation saying the man is now in damage control mode.

The sister said, “The husband is crying and begging her to remove that picture because he is scared that the side chick’s husband will kill him.”

@Iam_Wynona went on to say,” He has cheated on her for so long.She has never done something like this, she is tired ke ngok and choosing violence.”

The comment section is now flooded with fellow women in support of the move regarding her as a hero, with some rushing to all her social media pages to check on her.

“Your sister is a G! Can we give her flowers because wow l stan a queen! “, posted Twitter user @LungaAkaSibu.

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