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South African News Journalist Gets Blown Away By Hailstorm During Live Broadcast 

A news journalist from South Africa is lucky to be alive after he got blown away by a hailstorm.

eNCA news reporter Manqoba Mchunu was broadcasting live in Gauteng when a mighty hailstorm blew him off the screens.  Not even the umbrella he was holding could save him.

Viewers were super worried about his well-being after watching the video.

Following the incident, Manqoba Mchunu took to  Twitter and posted the video footage of the incident as he reassured his fans that he was doing fine.

Captioning the video, he wrote;  Respect mother nature! That hail storm was hectic and brutal. Thanks for the support and well wishes.

The video has since sparked mixed reactions on social media.

While some netizens applauded him for his bravery, some social media users found the video quite disturbing as they argued that no story was worth dying for.

Check out some of the reactions;

@Semache_Davely_;  Wow , you are brave and you really loves your job…. ❤️ Even in this conditions well done Man Q 🙏we glad that you ok.

@archie_maruwa;  But why pull such stunts. What about a potential lightning strike?  C’mon people, let’s be serious. Life is too short for content.

@MagabePetersen;  That time no one is watching as there is no electricity not because of mother nature, but father corruption

@IamTimKeys;  Shame man. I am so impressed how you tried so hard to keep reporting.

@maryna_45;  Yoh!!! It was one of the scariest things that I experienced from inside my house and you were IN it! Respect!!!

@KerryHaggard;  Why did your employer put your life in danger by making you stand outside in the hail, in an electric storm, standing under an umbrella in an open area?

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