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South African Boarder Control Arrests Hundreds Of Illegal Immigrants

South African National Defence Force (SANDF) members deployed to the borders under “Operation Corona” have effected hundreds of arrests of suspected illegal immigrants and seized contraband including stolen vehicles and narcotics worth millions of rand.

The army, detailing its June successes, said in Mpumalanga, along the South African and Mozambique border, soldiers confiscated narcotics valued at R1,682,442, and contraband goods valued at R70,300. It said 205 undocumented persons were apprehended and 19 criminals were arrested.

Along the Free State border with Lesotho, six undocumented persons were apprehended, one criminal arrested, narcotics valued at R337,500 seized, a water truck worth R2m seized and contraband worth R19,000 confiscated.

Along the Eastern Cape border with Lesotho, one person was arrested, contraband worth R10,285 was confiscated and 159 undocumented persons apprehended.

At the Limpopo border with Zimbabwe, 250 undocumented persons were arrested while stolen vehicles worth R400,000 were recovered and contraband worth R 529,767 confiscated.

SANDF members also recovered stolen stock worth about R252,200 and made two arrests.

At the KwaZulu-Natal borders with Mozambique and Eswatini, five undocumented persons were apprehended, three suspected of crimes were arrested, stolen vehicles worth R865,000 were recovered and narcotics valued at R2,313 596 seized. Contraband goods valued at more than R1m R1,020 840 were confiscated.

Twelve undocumented persons were apprehended in Gauteng while three were nabbed at the North West border with Botswana. The Northern Cape border had the least incidents with only two undocumented people arrested, the statement said.




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