Socialite Shadhaya Dishes Out Sunday Advise

He had this to say;


…It’s a Sunday, a lot of my church going brothers are tricked by women’s clothing.

…You should know even sluts know how to dress decently too.

…The same woman who looks like a slut (that she is) wearing skimpy outfits can also look “homely or wifey) wearing decent clothes.”

He also added that;

“When women talk about dating guys with money and men giving them money and men seem to have an issue with that.

…It’s not because they don’t want women to prefer monied guys or given money, they’re saying they want to be chosen outside the condition of money alone.

…Just the same as women wanting to be seen as more than sex objects, it’s not like women don’t want to give sex to men, but they want men to see them as more than just people they can have sex with. It’s the same issue with men and money.

…To be honest any man who loves his woman wants to spoil her and give her money, but if you see him as just a cash cow, he feels used and will be insecure about the relationship.

…Just like you feel used and insecure when a guy only calls you when he wants sex. Learn or perish!!!”

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