Social Media Left In Stitches After Man Faces Two Years In Pr!son For Fixing 12 Kg Of Dynam!te In Friend’s Car As ‘Joke’

It’s no surprise that people do the weirdest things when they are with their friends. Something about the camaraderie and comfort of a good friend allows people to behave in the most ridiculous ways.

One man from Finland proved this theory of foolishness by fitting 12 Kg of dynamite in his buddy’s car as a joke.

The man, who has yet to be identified, was arrested last Thursday for placing the explosives in his friend’s car and is now facing a 2-year sentence.

Ostrobothnia Police Commissioner Tony Rauma confirmed that it had been established that the two men knew each other prior to the incident. Even though we have come a long way from April Fool’s Day, the man insisted that the whole thing was part of a prank.

Rauma told the Finnish media, “According to his own words, he had done it as a joke.” However, apparently, the duo was not indeed close enough for the car’s owner to take it all as just a bit of a joke. The man did not take the hilarity well and decided to call the cops on his pal.

He asked the police to come and confiscate the explosives. According to Rauma, in addition to dynamite, detonators were also found fitted in the car. The cops brought in a specialised force from Seinäjoki, who are trained in explosives, to come and collect the 12 Kg of explosives from the vehicle.

Given the nature of the confiscation, the police also evacuated residents from around the area to a safer location while the explosives were being removed. According to the law in Finland, citizens are not allowed to possess dynamite without a permit; any possession of explosives has to be sanctioned by the authorities.

It is likely that the man did not have permission or a permit to possess the dynamite he had fixed in the other man’s car. As of now, it is also unclear how the man even came to possess the dynamite.

Rauma explained, “The suspect in the crime has connections to the abandoned house, where the dynamite may have come from, and it was checked. We searched the house there, but no remains were found.”

The Finnish police have also ruled out the possibility of this being an instigated t£rror¡st attack, given that the man held has claimed that it was never his intention to blow up the car. Even though the man was detained on Thursday, he is now out on bail, but he will be tried for an explosive crim€, which carries a fine or two years in prison.

-India Times-


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