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Social Media Left In Stitches After Man Attempts To Rob Shop But Ignored By Everyone Until He Gives Up & Leaves – Video

Robberies are no laughing matter, people can get critically injured, die or sustain lifelong trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder from such incidents.

However, netizens cannot help but laugh at a gun-wielding man who attempted to rob a nail salon only for everyone to ignore him until he gave up and left.

In the now viral video, the would-be robber enters the nail salon which is located in Atlanta in America.

Moments before a group of women inside the establishment are seen chatting and laughing not knowing what was to befall them.

The man rushes in and yells at the women, “Everybody get down. Give me all your money. Empty out your pockets. Give me all your money.”

To his surprise, they don’t panic or oblige him. Instead, they look unfazed and just stare at him.

Seeing this non-reaction he moves towards an employee behind the cash register and yells the same demands.

Here too he hits a wall as the worker appears to be on the phone and not paying any attention to him. Seemingly at a loss for words, he simply gives up and exits the shop.

“Witnesses indicated the suspect entered the location wearing a blue hat, sunglasses, and blue jeans. The suspect demanded the patrons get on the ground and surrender their money. The suspect then fled the location in a silver in colour sedan,” the police were quoted as saying by NBC News.

According to reports, Crime Stoppers was offering a reward of up to $2,000 (around R37,566) for information leading to the suspect’s capture and arrest.

The unidentified man has become a laughing stock on social media due to his unsuccessful robbery attempt and the strength of everyone at the nail salon.

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