Sim2 Suspect Commits Su!cide

A GOKWE man who was on the run for sodomy, allegedly committed su!cide after gathering news that police were looking for him.

Police confirmed that Temba Munyoro (42) of Village Venge under Chief Chireya, was found hanging from a tree after police intensified their hunt for him.

Midlands Police spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said Munyoro was found on 21 September 2023 around 4am after he had gone missing.

According to police, Munyoro was drinking beer at Nyamhara Business Centre when he got information that he was being sought by police on allegations of sodomy.

“He went home and retired to bed. Around 4AM, he woke up leaving his wife in bed. When his wife woke up, she could not locate him and she informed neighbours and they began searching for him,’ said Inspector Mahoko.

Munyoro’s body was however found hanging from a mango tree at a nearby abandoned house.

“We advise the public not to put themselves in situations they can handle on their own. When such situations eventually happen, always find a person to confide in and get a second opinion,” said Inspector Mhoko.



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