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Side Chick Seeks Peace Order Against Lover’s Wife & Son

A Mabvuku woman has approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a peace order against her lover’s wife and son, accusing them of attempting to bewitch her, insulting her and assaulting her in public.

Mercy Mhanga told magistrate Sharon Mashavira last week that she has been suffering abuse at the hands of Mary Mukono and her 22-year-old son, Owen, for the past few months.

“I was approached by some women, while I was at work and they asked me for some water to drink. When I came out of the sports bar where I work to fetch the water outside, they followed behind and my colleague saw them taking soil on my footprints,” she submitted.

Mhanga said she confronted the women, who revealed that they had been sent by Mukono and her son.

She told the court that she demanded the soil from the women, who refused, leading to a fistfight.

“The respondents arrived while we were arguing and Mary started insulting me saying that I was a home wrecker and prostitute. When I tried to leave, her son tripped me and I fell down,” she said.

Mukono and Owen, however, denied the allegations, saying Mhanga was a home wrecker who insults them at their place of residence.

“She accuses me of witchcraft and comes to my house to insult me. I have never been to her workplace or house. I just know that she is my husband’s small house,” Mukono said.

The son colluded with his mother in denying that he had neither assaulted nor insulted Mhanga.

Mashavira said after hearing the submissions from all parties, it was obvious that the respondents had had an altercation with the applicant.

She ruled in favour of Mhanga and ordered Mukono and Owen to stop physically, verbally and emotionally abus!ng her.


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