Shingai Shares Her Experience Of Working With Popular American Rnb Artists

Shingai is a lead singer and bass player for the English indie rock band The Noisettes, she is a Zimbabwean-British musician born and raised in Lewisham to Zimbabwean and Malawian parents.

The emerging Afro-futurist pop diva takes you on a sonic voyage with her fascinating and thrilling performances.

In a recent interview she mentioned that she has worked with popular American rnb artists Neyo and Will I am

Watch the video below:

Shingai takes you to a new chapter of her journey with unstoppable and inspiring energy, presenting a sound influenced by her London, Bantu, and Zimbabwean ancestors—an effervescent soundscape, brazenly filled with a deep but spontaneous attitude that is both thrilling and fascinating.

She also plays mbira and urges many Zimbabwean artists to embrace their own cultural music as it reflects their identity on a global stage.

Her recent collaboration with Winky D has earned her a high level of recognition among the Zimbabwean fans as she continues with her journey to becoming the best at what she does.

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