“She’s Hurt”: Voice Note Leaks as Lady Gets Angry after Male Bestie Married Without Telling Her

A Nigerian man has shared his female best friend’s reaction after he got married without telling her.


The new husband, @themazeofficial, released the unidentified bestie’s voice note on TikTok as he apologised to all those he did not inform.


He shared a short clip of himself and his bride looking lovely in their matching traditional attires for the occasion.


In the leaked voice note, his female bestie, who spoke in Yoruba, expressed disappointment that he kept it away from her.


She said she was in Oshogbo, the capital of Osun, and wondered why he did not tell her about the wedding.


Watch the video below:


People shared their thoughts on the incident

ohh_jay said:


“If I be your best friend I no go talk till e reach ny turn ,cause that very bad someone u called ur best friend,I reject such friend like u.”


muñequita said:


“For her not to tell her close friend maybe something has happened between the friend and the relationship…’s not all friends u tell good news too.”


Sonia said:


“I stop talking to my best friend because she didn’t tell me she was snapping for her birthday.”




“She’s not ur friend sha because if u try this one with my best friend that marriage fit no last that gal go carry all my dirty secret come out.”


whumie_shuga said:


“If u got married without telling me as your bestie, the friendship is over.”


Browneydiva said:


“But this is not fair ..she is hurt.”


TamaraAsangwa said:


”Even if we are not best friends.


“I consider you my friend and you got married without telling me, omo I am done with the friendship.”


Man finds out best friend’s bride is his girlfriend


Meanwhile, previously reported that a man found out that the bride his best friend was marrying was his girlfriend.


Sambo Mai Hula, via his X handle @Abdullahiabba_, said his friend had graced the wedding occasion of a close pal on a Sunday.


To Sambo’s friend’s shock, the bride was a lady named Fatima, whom he had been dating for three years. Sambo’s friend had actually wanted to settle down with the lady, but that dream seems to have crashed with his bitter discovery.




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