“She Was Warned Not To Publicly Introduce Herself As Wife” – Pictures Of Popular Nigerian Singer Flavour’s ‘Original’ Wife Leak

Pictures and information about the ‘original’ wife of Flavour, who allegedly received a warning not to introduce herself as such, have appeared online.

Flavour Chinedu Okoli, a highlife singer, and Onyinye Nnebuije Onungwa, a US resident, whom he reportedly legally wed, have a son they call CJ, Chinedu Junior.

According to a report by Stella Dimokorkokus, the child is currently around 3 years old and a near-exact replica of his mother.

Onyinye is the Original Mrs. Okoli, and she bears the name on documents and in Maryland public records. The couple, who have been dating for a considerable amount of time before any of the baby mamas or side chics, are allegedly legally married.

Friends claim that this is why Flavour will never publicly agree to traditionally marrying anyone else, especially given the legal ramifications of Bigamy.

Friends of Mrs. Onyinyechi Nnebuije Okoli, 34, assert that she is forbidden from introducing herself as his wife in public and that she has been warned to keep their relationship out of the media.

One of her friends went on to say ”she is always complaining about not being allowed to go public and a lot other complaints.’

When Onyinyechi Onungwa’s public data was checked across all US states, it was discovered that she is listed as Onyinyecho Nnebuije Okoli along with all of her relatives.


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