“She Looked Like She Didnt Bath” – Idols SA Star Amanda Black Leaves Mzansi Troubled After Jazz Festival Performance

Singer Amanda Black left jaws on the floor with her new appearance when she showed up for her Maseru Jazz Festival performance in what netizens said is an attire fit for house chores.

A disgruntled Twitter (X app) user @MsRebaone took to her timeline to complain with a photo about the physical presentation of the Amazulu sensation at a concert, where she looked “unpresentable” to perform for a crowd.

“I paid R250 for a ticket and Amanda Black came like this last night ko Maseru Jazz Festival,” @MsRobe captioned.

Social media users were shocked to see the singer, who is always clad in regal attire, performing on stage looking “untidy”. Here are some of the reactions:

@Collen_KM tried his best:

“Yall just don’t understand creativity, this is part of the act, she’s trying to accommodate yall… Ai nawe @amanda though.”

@MsRebaone remembered:

“Yoooh sis… she looked like she didn’t bath.”

@zito142 was not surprised:

“That’s Normal… She doesn’t dress up fancy, last time I saw her walking around Monte C@sino you wouldn’t think it’s her. Yep she looked like she rolled out of bed and went there.”

@tlhonolo_ said:

“I get you Reba. Being an artist also means respecting your craft and the people that supports it. I don’t get why people are hyping this in the comments, they themselves would not go to a family gathering looking like this.”

@iambonrad explained:

That’s about as good R250 could give.”

@Cherish_Godfrey defended her:

“Did she sing? Or you only paid to see her wardrobe?”


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