Shadhaya Critisizes The Chicken Inn Guy, You Let Us Down

A video has gone viral of a proposal being rejected in Chicken Inn.

Shadhaya had this to say:  Simping deserves no sympathy. That guy who proposed at the chicken inn restaurant deserved even more hum!liation from the chick.

Before we even get to him being on his knees, this new trend of public proposals screams attention seeking.

Gore ranga rapera mushe wani

_The Sultan of Swat (@blackheart_dave) December 29, 2022

What’s this obsession with adopting every Western thing, from way back, if an African man was serious about marrying a woman, he’d obviously tell the woman his intentions then notify his people so they could escort him to the woman’s parents & make his intentions known.

This new trend of men doing public proposals on their knees is just cringe. Then again what do you expect from feminized men, even s they’re knees Even figuratively they’re always on their knees asking for permission to do anything.

Okay even if you’re too useless to think of doing the proper procedures to ask for a woman’s hand in marriage.

Then at least still maintain your frame as a man, f£rtilize that woman real good, then let h£r decide if sh£ wants to be a single m0m, terminator(abort!onist) or wife  This b0y is very not wise, he has not only embarrassed himself but his entire lineage as well. And for what? Cheap pops from random strangers & trending online? And guess what the girl will be laughing at his stup!d, that’s the price you pay for simping. Learn or perish!!!

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