Shadaya Speaks On Women’s Virginity, Youthfulness

The 3 best things a w0man can offer a man

1. Virginity – it’s the best thing sh€ can ever give cause sh€ only gives it once. Whoever has h€r first s€xually 0wns h€r. It symbolises purity, a w0man who hasn’t yet been defiled…

That’s why in almost every religion & culture, virg!nity is prioritized. A man who married a virg!n has the same pride & happiness as a w0man who got married to a rich man. And he who married a non virg!n has the same shame as a w0man who got knocked up by a d€adbeat…

2. Exclusivity to h€r womb – meaning no other man has ever made h€r pregnant, but in the “my body my choice” era, it’s hard to find a w0man who is past 23 not having had a pregnancy scare that ended in morning after pills or ab0rtion pills…

And it has gotten worse as m€n are now being manipulated into marrying s!ngle m0thers, made to believe it somehow makes them “real man”. What’s manly about taking care of another man’s sp€rm? Even lions in the jungle know that’s some bs….

3. Youthfulness – a w0man is at h€r peak in h€r youthful years, which is why it’s in a man’s best interest to go for a young w0man (of legal age that is). With the best age range being 18 to 23, everything about h€r is still at peak – fertility, attractiveness, submissiveness

They’re nothing but trouble once they’re past that age, the older they’re, the more you’ll pay for the “mistakes” of their exs. You really need to understand that wom€n get more sh!ttier with each failed relationship they get into. You don’t want to deal with all that baggage…

That’s why when you ask the modern w0man what can sh€ bring to the table sh€ can’t think of anything because it has already been given to someone else (her virg!nity, womb & youthfulness) & put on too many tables. With that said, either you choose to learn or perish!!!

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