Shadaya Share His Thoughts On Valentine’s Presents

Seeing as it is Valentine’s Day today, controversial media personality Shadaya Tawona Knight decided to school men on what not to do on the day.

Shadaya “The Alpha Male“, as he regards himself, argued that it is foolish for men to buy their girlfriends gifts if they neglected to buy anything for their parents on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  Foolish b0y, on Father’s & Mother’s day, you didn’t buy anything for your parents, you simply posted their pics on social media with the caption “Happy Father’s/Mother’s Day”.

You’re supposed to follow suit on Valentine’s Day simply post h£r pics & caption “Happy Val’s Bae The relationship expert retorted that there was nothing romantic about spending money on girls if one doesn’t spoil their parents as well.

There’s nothing romantic about spending money on girls yet you don’t do the same for your parents, it’s f00lishness. The money you recklessly spend on these girls may open their l£gs for you, but the one you spend on your parents opens up many doors for you…

Shadaya said that a man deserves whatever misery that follows them if they proceed to spoil a woman if they don’t do the same for their parents.Shadaya also decided to school men on what it means if their girlfriends flaunt the Valentine’s presents, they would have bought for them on social media.

The relationship guru said that if their girlfriends post their gifts on social media, they would be notifying other men what they need to do to win her

“Just so you know, when sh£ post an e-wallet/money sent message on their WhatsApp status, sh£ isn’t being grateful to you, the naive sender, rather sh£ is sending a message to other men that if they want h£r, they have to match or outbid your naive æss…”

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